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Let Your Customers Build Your Business For You
The Coleman Marketing Referral Rewards Program turns your best customers into a "silent" sales force for your business. By simply rewarding them for telling their colleagues and friends about your services, you can dramatically increase your referral business. And referrals are the BEST customers because they are less price-sensitive and more likely to stay with you for the long haul.


Keep Your Customers Smiling for a Long Time To Come
This powerful relationship-building system is something that will definitely set you apart from the crowd and that you can have up and running in no time. It will appeal to both current customers and target prospects. The HAPPY CLIENT is more likely to refer others and far less likely to price shop--or even notice that other printers exist! You send a “report card” to your clients along with a special system of personal contacts, delivery of client samples, files and a tasty treat with every completed offer and they just keep coming back for more. The HAPPY CLIENT™ will help you discover how your clients feel about you and give you the power to fix problems before you lose the relationship. In situations where the client’s work is going to multiple printers, this system will help make you the “vendor of choice.”


Take Advantage Of Public Relations To Create A Rush Of New Business
P.R. is one of the most overlooked and under-utilized tools. Why not be the first business owner in your market to capitalize on this opportunity?

Now all Coleman Marketing's press releases are at your fingertips... as well as instructions about how to implement them, who to send them to, and how to use the P.R. to dramatically shorten your sales cycle, and have prospective buyers actually calling you!


Capture More Business With These Attention-Grabbing Postcards
This series of captivating full-color postcards has been designed and written to break through the more than 3,000 marketing messages that bombard your prospects every day. These cards practically “YELL” for attention and they get it! The images in this campaign have been hand-selected by the Coleman Marketing team. Each card comes with your choice of 3 messages to put on the back. Use these cards to capture new prospects and clients or to get your existing clients to do more business with you. Just insert your company information and the right offer, print and mail. And by the way, you can SELL Yellers to your clients as well!


Break Through Appointment Barriers With This System Of Getting To Decision Makers Faster
Do you want to shorten the "flash-to-bang" sequence - from first contact to first sale? This program helps you do so by giving your prospects an excuse to talk to you, even if they don't "intend" to buy. Now, instead of contacting prospects and simply "begging" for an appointment, you're contacting prospects to offer them a valuable, business-building audio seminar called How To Get More Customers Who Will Pay You More Money, More Often™. You now have the opportunity to provide your prospects with value before you even ask them to do business with you. Once you've made this contribution to their business, reciprocation is invoked and you'll find more business coming your way faster. And all it takes from you is a virtually instant customization of the graphics file and delivery of the pre-written scripts to your sales force for follow-up calls. (This program can deliver the tape set up front or after a request from the prospect. Either way you've got the follow-up system to make this program really take off.) Each tape set retails for $37.00.


Put your Advertisement in front of your customers while they eat!
While customers are waiting for food, they read all that is in front of them.  This is a target market you cannot miss!


If your target market are tourists or others new to an area, let your customers read your ad while driving past your place of business!

Hotels give this to their guests for free.  Your business location is pointed to on the map so you are easy to find. 


if you have e-mail addresses of customers or potential clients, you can have your brochure E-mailed to them on a regular basis!

An inexpensive way to contact your target market on a regular basis!