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You probably already realize how much time and money you spend on copies every year. You know paper, toner, equipment, and manpower can add up fast.
Save Money on Copy Services ... How Original!

In fact it is estimated that for most businesses to make a single copy it can take up to 12 minutes. That's right… your staff has to find the original, walk to the copy machine, and try 2 or 3 times just to line it up right. From there it is to your office, or the fax machine, or to the filing cabinet down the hall. Finally, it is back to their workstation. If you pay the person who makes your copies just $7.00 an hour, you could be paying as much as $1.39 for a single copy… and that doesn't even include paper or the toner!

Imagine getting up to 30 digital copies per minute, at a fraction of the cost, and every copy is an original.