Coleman Marketing
Make Color Work For You, Not Against You!

RED with WHITE and BLUE says "FREEDOM" or even "SUMMERTIME", while RED with PINK says "LOVE" and "ROSES". RED and BLACK together often communicates "ANGER" or "STOP"- unless of course you are selling to a bunch of Chicago Bulls fans, in which case RED and BLACK might mean "Michael Jordan Forever"... Interestingly GREEN psychologically tells us to "GO" or says "MONEY".

When correctly applied color can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your project. Please talk to us about some of the ways you can use color more effectively in your work. Obviously we work with full color projects nearly every day. Direct Mail, Brochures and Newsletters are some of the most common projects we do in full color.

"Taking full advantage of colors can be a powerful tool to enhance your image, and even emotionally influence the people looking at your printed piece.