Coleman Marketing
Ever seen those nifty CD business cards? We can do that for you, and for less. CD’s are a powerful interactive way to present your message to customers & prospects.
CD's Are So Affordable, And So Easy.

What if a CD could make your sales presentations for you? The #1 CD myth is that you have to replicate thousands of CD's in order for it to be affordable. Now, you can get as few as 100 or as many as 100,000.

Question: Will sending a prospect a CD with my brochure or company information really get me better response rates?
Answer: Yes! A CD improves the perceived value of your materials and the perception of your company. Now you don't physically having to tell or sell to your prospects... Your CD does it for you!

"Instead of you physically having to tell or sell your prospects, your CD can do it all for you. You save time & money."